The BannerElk Trading Company was founded in 1999 as a fastener company specializing in distributing and importing high quality coated and Stainless Steel screws, nails, and bolts. By 2001, the company realized that most of their specialty Stainless Steel screws were being used for Ipe Decking and other exotic hardwoods, but distribution was very limited for these types of decking products.  At this time, BannerElk Trading established a procurement office in the North of Brasil for Ipe Lumber and also began manufacturing their own TRIMTITEā„¢ and DeckTiteā„¢ brand of Stainless Steel fasteners in Southeast Asia.  This strategy proved invaluable as the company was now positioned as a leader and authority in the field of fasteners related to hardwood decking products.

In 2002, the Designer Rail Aluminum baluster line was introduced.  Made in the USA, the BannerElk Trading Co. is the manufacturer and distributor of this high end railing product offered in: Textured Black, Textured Pewter, Eggshell Textured White, Antique Copper, and Textured Pyrite/Bronze.

In 2004, the company purchased a 30,000 square foot warehouse/distribution facility on five acres in metropolitan Atlanta where over 10 million feet of hardwood lumber is in stock.

In 2006, the BannerElk Trading company was listed in Inc Magazine's 25th annual INC 500 ranking of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S.  The company was ranked number 441 on the list with three year growth of 336 percent.

In 2009, the BannerElk Trading Co. sponsors #15 Ferrari Challenge Race Car with and livery.  A series of East Coast races followed an overall class win for the Southeast.

Founder and CEO, William Wade, has over 21 years of experience in the building products industry.  He has held product management and sales positions with companies such as Georgia-Pacific, Weyerhaeuser, and Trex Company.  This vast industry knowledge and experience is the backbone of BannerElk Trading Company.  While handling mainly commercial sales and procurement, his primary role is ensuring that employees are properly trained and educated to handle customer questions and sales consultation.


BannerElk Trading Company Corporate Headquarters



The BannerElk Trading Company is dedicated in ensuring that our mills adhere to the strict guidelines

for responsible forestry management set forth by the Brazilian Government and IBAMA.  Because we

contract from a few select mills, instead of purchasing in the open market, we're able to maintain tighter

control on where logs are being sourced and the activity surrounding sustainable forestry practices.

Ipe decking and other tropical wood species originating from Brasil are harvested under strict guidelines

from IBAMA. IBAMA is the Federal governing body over agriculture and forestry in the country of Brasil.

One of their responsibilities is to enforce the management and environmental impact of logging. Timber

companies must submit project plans and approved projects will receive permits to log certain species

only in specific regions. These projects include information on what specie, tree size, and total volume in

targeted logging areas for harvest. Once a permit is issued, the timber company is authorized to take only

what is approved by IBAMA relative to the permit. In this scenario, a paper trail is created from forest to

finished product to export per timber company.




The area above represents roughly 15 hectares of Ipe taken in a management project where the stand of forest in the background remains.


Unlike other importers, we do not source Ipe from the open market.  Because we contract from certain mills,

quality remains consistent.  Elements such as color, size, and machining are always the same from order-to-order. 

Our North Brasil office ensures the highest quality of lumber grading from only a handful of select mills. In addition,

we require our mills to separate by grade at the factory level; a practice unheard of in this industry. Most other

importers mix the entire production into one grade called FAS (first and seconds) and FEQ (first European quality)

which are inferior to BannerElk's #1 Premium Grade.

Ipe will vary in color and density relative to region. Logs originating from Mato Grosso and Rondonia states of Brasil

tend to be lighter in color with a wider range of color variation.  Density is typically lighter as well.  The BannerElk

Trading Company contracts with mills located in Para state of Brasil.  This region produces the deep rich and dark

colored, high density Ipe that is sought after in the market.

Log inspection team evaluating log stocks

prior to decking production.



The BannerElk Trading Company is a major importer of Ipe decking, furniture & hardwood flooring. We also

manufacture Designer Rail Aluminum Balusters, TrimTite screws, and DeckTite screws and distribute a broad

range of other specialty products. Corporate offices and warehousing is located on 5 acres in Atlanta, Georgia

with a procurement office in the north of Brasil.


The BannerElk Trading Company imports and distributes Ipe decking and we ship worldwide. We DO NOT

broker lumber that is drop shipped from another supplier.  Our 30,000 square foot facility with enclosed

warehousing allows us to inventory over 2.5 million feet of Ipe decking, hardwood flooring, and outdoor furniture. 

Most all of our product mix is always in stock and ready for prompt shipment.  We can typically turn orders

around in 1-2 business days.


Pull to length orders are re-inspected for quality.  This ensures that if something is overlooked by our graders

in Brasil, it's not mixed with a premium grade order.  Furthermore, #2 Common Select grade is a result of strict

guidelines given to our mills for extensive grading. Most other importers merely mix all of this into one grade.


Use caution when ordering from lumber dealers and some importers as the lumber package could include product

from different mills and regions.  This could result in drastic width and thickness inconsistency as well as extreme

color variation.  The BannerElk Trading Company sources all non-grooved decking from one specific mill and

pre-grooved decking and porch flooring from other single sourced mills. 


Certain limitations exist when shipping with LTL motor freight carriers.  We make painstaking efforts to package

all lumber shipments to avoid damage in transit.  Our traffic department shops for competitive rates on lumber

shipments to all 48 contiguous United States and Canada via common carrier.  Overseas shipments are coordinated

through our freight forwarding department for full container and LCL shipments.








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